Vaccine refuseniks to get second chance

Wouter Beke (Christian democrat), the Flemish health minister, has told the Flemish parliament’s well-being select committee that people who refuse an opportunity to get vaccinated against coronavirus will be able to reconsider their decision and will get a second opportunity to get the jab.

Mr Beke told MFPs: “Everybody deserves a second chance, but this will only be possible once all other groups have been offered the vaccine”.

Only last week Dirk Dewolf, the head of the Flemish Care Agency, indicated that vaccine refuseniks would not receive a second invite.  Mr Dewolf was keen to crush any thought of vaccine shopping, refusing one brand of vaccine now in the hope of being offered a different brand next time round. 

Health minister Beke added that health care professionals who didn’t take up the offer first time round would receive a second invite with the oldest workers invited first.  Only if people explicitly wrote themselves out of the system will the second offer not be coming their way.

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