In which stores do I need to make an appointment?

Now that fun-shopping has become a distant memory and there is probably a rush on stores selling non-essentials before new restrictions kick in, it’s good to know which stores are deemed “essential”, as here you will not have to make an appointment to shop.

Under the new rules you will need to make an appointment if you want to shop at stores selling non-essentials starting Saturday.  However, several stores including shoe chain Torfs and gadget chain Flying Tiger have told VRT they won’t be able to set up a new appointment system by Saturday.  The new procedure is supposed to last for four weeks.

Following stores sell “essentials”.  Here you will not need an appointment to shop.  By implication, if your store is not on the list, you will need an appointment, but whether you are going to get one on Saturday, might be another matter.

Stores selling essentials include: all food stores including night shops, stores selling hygiene and care products, animal foods, chemists, bookshops and news agents, filling stations and fuel suppliers, telecom shops excluding stores that only sell accessories, shops selling medical aids, DIY stores, garden centres, purveyors of specialised clothing materials (not clothes shops), stores selling paper and stationery, wholesalers (though they can only sell to professionals).

Weekly markets too can go ahead and here you won’t need an appointment either!

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