What’s happening at uni?

Unlike the confusion that reigned across large parts of the Flemish education sector yesterday and still continues today in some pockets the situation at Flemish universities and schools of advanced learning is a lot clearer.  Leuven University rector Luc Sels, speaking on behalf of the Flemish University Council, says all lessons at Flemish universities and polys will be online.

Only ‘essential education activities’ e.g. practical lessons are still taking place on campus.

Rector Sels: “All contact education i.e. physical lessons, all the education organised on campus at the minute, will move online next week. We are making an exception for what we call ‘essential education activities’, education activities that we cannot possibly organise online.  I’m thinking of a number of essential practical lessons, lab exercises, skills exercises”.

Student internships and MA exams will be able to go ahead in most cases.

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