Man that attacked the Mayor of Bruges has been sectioned

A man from the West Flemish municipality of Torhout that attacked the Mayor of Bruges with a knife last year has been sent to a secure psychiatric institution. As he has been detained under the conditions of mental health legislation, the man will no longer face trial for the attack carried out on the Christian democrat politician Dirk De fauw (photo above). 

The 35-year-old waited for Mr De fauw outside his office in the Sint-Andries area of Brugge. When the Mayor arrived at the office that he uses for his work as a solicitor the man ran up to him and stabbed him in the neck. Mr De fauw was left with a 14cm wound near to this throat and was rushed to hospital for an emergency operation. He has since made a full recovery.  

The man had known Mr De fauw for 15 years. As his solicitor Mr De fauw had power of attorney over the man’s finances. The man has long-suffered from mental health issues.

At the time of the attack the man was undergoing treatment for delusions at a psychiatric hospital. However, he was allowed home at the weekend and carried out the attack on a Saturday morning.  


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