Police discover cocaine laundry in Arendonk

Officers from the Antwerp Federal Judicial Police have seized 51 kilogrammes of cocaine and detained 11 people at a warehouse at Arendonk in Antwerp Province. The warehouse was being used as a cocaine laundry, the first of its kind to have been discovered in Belgium. Using chemicals liquid cocaine that had been concealed in other goods such as textiles, foodstuffs and shampoo bottles was extracted and made ready for sale. 

While the discovery of a cocaine laundry was a first for Belgium, police over the border in The Netherlands have often discovered such facilities there. It is believed that the cocaine laundry is linked to the activities of Dutch drug gangs and offices from The Netherlands assisted their Belgian colleagues in Friday’s raid. 

The 11 people that have been detained so far will be questioned by an Examining Magistrate in Turnhout (Antwerp Province). 

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