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Registration not required for those planning to visit Ostend beach

The local authority in the West Flemish city of Ostend has said that those wishing to visit the city’s beach during the Easter holiday period will not have to register in advance. The city authorities don’t expect that it will be too busy at the beach during the Easter period and every effort will be made to disperse visitors sufficiently to ensure that their stay in Ostend is as corona-safe as possible. 

Last summer those wishing to visit Ostend beach had to register in advance to ensure that they would be able to get some sand between their toes. However, the City of Ostend predicts that during the Easter holidays the number of people wishing to visit the beach will be significantly lower and registration won’t be necessary.

Every effort will be made to spread tourists out as much as possible. The city authorities will do this by trying to persuade tourists to visit less well-known places around Ostend. For example, the City of Ostend has organised a treasure hunt in Mariakerke, an area of Ostend that is usually less busy than elsewhere in the city.

Ostend City Council’s Director of Tourism Peter Craeymeersch told VRT News that “This is a way of getting tourists to discover other places in Ostend”. The area around the Kreekroute, the Stene and the Oosteroever are popular places to go for a walk among people from Ostend but are rarely visited by tourists.

For now, face coverings are not mandatory on the sea front or on the beach. However, in the city centre face coverings must be worn at all times. 

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