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Help for self-employed people unable to work next week due to schools’ closure

The Federal Government has announced that self-employed people that will be unable to work next week due to child-care commitments will be entitled to a one-off payment of 403 euro. On Wednesday the Consultative Committee announced that primary and secondary schools in Belgium will break up a week early for the Easter holidays. With the holidays starting a week earlier than planned many parents were left with no other choice than to take extra leave in order to look after their children. 

Now the Federal Minister responsible for the self-employed and small businesses David Clarinval (Francophone liberal) has announced that self-employed people that are unable to work next week as a result of the decision to close schools a week early will be entitled to claim 403 euro in crisis bridging allowance. 

All pupils in primary and secondary education broke up for Easter on Friday. This year’s school Easter holiday are three weeks’ long rather than two.

Although they are not obliged to under the measures announced on Wednesday, many nursery schools will also be closed for the next three weeks. This means that many parents now have to find childcare solutions for their children. 

Under the conditions of the crisis bridging allowance self-employed people are entitled to claim 403.53 euro if they are unable to work for the full five days from Monday to Friday next week.

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