Baby locks himself in car with key he was using as a teething ring

The emergency services were called to free a baby that had locked himself in his parents’ car with a key that he had been given to keep him entertained.  The ten-month old baby boy had been left in the car by his mother while she popped into a shop on the Gouden Kruispunt in the Flemish Brabant municipality on Tielt-Winge. 

The woman had given her son the car keys to keep him occupied during her absence. However, when she returned to her vehicle after an absence of less than ten minutes, she discovered that the baby had activated the car’s central locking system and she was unable to get inside. 

The baby boy had decided to use the keys as a teething ring and had put the key ring inside his mouth, causing all the car’s doors to lock. The baby’s mother made several attempts to persuade her son to bite the key ring again in order to unlock the doors. 

However, her efforts were to no avail. She was left with no other option than to call the emergency services to help her gain access to her car.

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