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Mini-Europa is back!

International travel for holidays is still banned, at least until the end of the Easter break, but fortunately there is Mini-Europa.  The attraction was supposed to close for good at the end of last year, but a deal with the City of Brussels means it can now stay.

Mini-Europa reopened today for a new season in which Belgian visitors are the main target and during an Easter break in which amusement parks remain closed due to corona measures. Some visitors rekindle memories of an exciting trip to Paris, while others dream of one day visiting the Eiffel Tower.

Mini-Europa paints a picture of the many hues of the European Union, the Catalan referendum on independence, the school strike for a better climate and Brexit.  The UK may have left the EU, but the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben remain a cherished attraction.

Mini-Europe’s Thierry Meeùs explains the trick: “We kept the UK as a ‘former member’, but we’ve added a line on the ground to indicate to visitors they are leaving the EU”.

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