Statistician says “At this rate 1,000 intensive care beds will be occupied by 8 April

The Ghent University Statistician Bart Mesuere has told VRT News that if the coronavirus figures continue to increase at their current rate COVID-19 patients will occupy 1,000 of the intensive care beds available in the country’s hospitals on 8 April. Bart Measure sees a general upward trend in the figures of between 20% and 25%. 

The rise of 42% in the number of confirmed new coronavirus infections has fallen back to 22%. This is a slowdown in the rate of increase. However, the question now is whether this will persist and eventually turn round into a fall in the number of people testing positive for coronavirus.

Bart Measure notes if the increase in the number of hospital admissions continues to increase at the current rate of between 20% and 25% per week, the threshold of 1,000 intensive care beds occupied by COVID-19 patients will have been crossed on 8 April. This is just 10 days from now. This is a week earlier than previously predicted by the virologist Professor Steven Van Gucht.


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