Brussels Airlines to increase services to Scandinavian destinations from this summer

Brussels Airlines has announced that it will be offering more flights to destinations in Norway, Sweden, and Finland from this summer. From 4 July the airline intends to offer a direct service to Evenes in northern Norway for the first time. Meanwhile, the number of services to Kittilä in Finland, Kiruna in Sweden and Bergen in Norway is also set to be increased. 

Brussels Airlines has been flying to Kittilä, Kiruna and Bergen for some years. However, thanks to a cooperation agreement with the tour operator Nordic in future it will be able to provide more regular services between Brussels and its Scandinavian destinations. There will be extra flights both in the summer and winter seasons. 

If the Norwegian coronavirus travel restrictions are lifted there will be weekly flights to Evenes throughout the summer holiday period. Later in the year there will be extra direct flights to Kiruna at the start and the end of the winter season. During the winter and early spring (from 19 December to 9 April 2022) there will be extra services to and from Kittila. 

Brussels Airlines says that it hopes to expand its number of services to Scandinavian destinations still further thanks to its collaboration with Nordic. The new services will only be bookable through Nordic and will be run as part of a charter agreement between the tour operator and Brussels Airlines.

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