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How do I get on the list for priority vaccination?

Belgium’s vaccination drive will embark upon a new stage on 8 April as people in the 18-to-65 age category with underlying health issues are offered a corona vaccine.  This phase starts after Belgium has offered all over 65s the jab.

Health science institute Sciensano believes up to 1.5 million people fall into the category ‘patient at risk’. People at risk are patients with underlying health conditions that increase their chance of a serious bout of Covid and death.  We’re talking about people with cardiovascular ailments, afflictions of the lungs, cancers, diabetes as well as a number of rare diseases.

The people who qualify for vaccination in this stage are being identified by the health funds on the basis of medication prescribed. Consultants too will be able to add a number of people with rare diseases.  Privacy will be respected at all times as the list will only mention the fact that patients have a heightened risk and not their disease.

Patients with underlying health risks shouldn’t have to do anything, but will receive the letter inviting them to the vaccination centre. If you wish to know whether you are on the list for priority vaccination, check it out on starting 8 April.  Please don’t give your GP a bell.

General information on the vaccination is available on your health fund’s website or can be obtained from your chemist.

The priority list will be expanded in the course of April.  Your regular GP, who runs your medical dossier (known as GMD), can add you to the list.  If you are not on the list, but believe you qualify, contact the doctor who is treating you.  At this point health funds and chemists cannot add you to the list for priority vaccination. If you aren’t registered with a GP any GP can add you to the list.

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