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Limburg testing centre provided world 's greatest number of test subjects for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

In mid-April the first consignments of the coronavirus vaccine that has been developed by the pharmaceuticals company Johnson and Johnson will be delivered to countries in the European Union. Like other vaccines the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was tested on many thousands of people the world over before the company put it forward for approval by the relevant medicines’ agencies. 

The Anima Research Center in the Limburg municipality of Alken played a big role in the clinical trials for the vaccine. In fact nowhere else in the entire world did so many people take part in the trials. A total of more than 1,000 took part in the clinical trials for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine at the Anina Research Center.

The large number of participants there could be good news for all of us as traditionally pharmaceutical companies tend to give priority for the delivery of new products to countries whose citizens have taken part in the clinical trials that helped with their development.

The Anima Research Center’s Erik Buntinx told VRT Radio 2 Limburg that "The number of Belgian patients that took part in the study was second only to the United States.  In addition to this Anima is the largest centre in the entire world. So, we provided the most patients in the whole world, a fact that has not escaped several of those in the company’s top management”.



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