Microbiologist advises against using self-testing for travel and concerts

From next Tuesday (6 April) we will be able to purchase self-testing kits for coronavirus from pharmacists. The tests provide a result after just 15 minutes. However, the tests are only 80% accurate, which means that 1 in 5 people that are actually infected with coronavirus will test negative when using the self-testing kits. 

The microbiologist Herman Goossens is Head of Belgium’s coronavirus testing taskforce. Professor Goossens says that while the self-tests ae a useful tool to enable the detection of so-called “super spreaders” more quickly, their results are not 100% accurate.

Consequently, Professor Goossens advises against using self-testing to determine whether someone should be allowed access to an event such as a concert.

"This is too dangerous. At test events abroad care professionals are used to carry out the tests."

Professor Goossens added that using a negative result from a self-test as a prerequisite for a person being allowed to travel would also "not be a good idea”.


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