Two missing girls found at Schaarbeek hotel

Two missing girls have surfaced in a hotel in the Brussels suburb of Schaarbeek.  Brussels prosecutors have meanwhile launched a rape investigation: four suspects have been detained.

The investigation started after two missing teenagers, aged 14 and 15, were found in a Schaarbeek hotel.  The girls are believed to have been raped.

It was on 21 March that Brussels police sounded the alarm and issued a missing person’s notice.  The two girls had last been seen near the Queen Fabiola Hospital in Laken (City of Brussels).  A couple of days later the girls were found in a hotel in the Brussels borough of Schaarbeek.  They were in the presence of the four suspects.

Brussels prosecutors today confirmed that the four men were suspected of raping the teenagers.  The four have been arrested and face rape charges relating to minors aged between 14 and 16.  There are exacerbating circumstances: the girls are believed to have been raped by several men.

The suspects reportedly deny any wrongdoing. Prosecutors were unwilling to comment further but there is speculation the suspects are so called ‘lover boys’, who pimp their teenage victims.

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