Thomas Houseago (centre) with Brad Pitt (right)

Did Brad Pitt’s trip to Brussels flout corona rules?

American actor Brad Pitt flew into Brussels to support his friend Thomas Houseago.  The British-US artist is preparing an exhibition at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts in Brussels. ‘Vision Paintings’ opens on 22 April, but some are wondering whether Pitt’s trip really qualifies as essential travel as you and me are banned from making non-essential foreign trips.

Pitt has already had a tour of the Old Masters, masterpieces by Rubens, Bruegel and Rembrandt, though for the public at large the exhibition is closed until 15 October due to staff shortages.

Pitt (57) and Houseago have been buddies for yonks and the American spent a lot of time at Houseago’s crib following his difficult divorce from Angelina Jolie. Houseago is no stranger to Brussels spending time here after his studies at the Central St Martin’s College in London and Amsterdam.  In Brussels he was eager to sell his work in 2002 teaming up with Xavier Hufkens, a Brussels gallery that has been marketing his art for many years.

In his work Houseago uses materials associated with classical and modern sculpture, gypsum, clay, carving and bronze, but throws in other less conventional materials like concrete, jute and steel rods too. The artist also creates two-dimensional works on canvas.

It’s unclear whether Brad Pitt is still in Brussels, but at a time when non-essential travel is banned many have asked whether his trip to the Belgian and Flemish capital by private jet was really appropriate.

Amy Pandemie tweeted: “I can’t visit by parents or grandparents twenty kilometres up the road, but Brad Pitt can fly into Brussels for an exhibition.

Brad Pitt helping at the Houseago exhibition.

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