New phase for metro line 3: tunnel under Brussels North rail station

A next phase has started in the creation of metro line 3 in Brussels. An extra tunnel will be dug underneath the Brussels North railway station to connect two existing underground tunnels. Metro line 3 will connect Evere to Vorst via the capital centre. 

The total route will be 10.3 kilometres long and boast 18 stops. It will carry passengers from Evere to Vorst in just 20 minutes. 

The new tunnel will be 150 metres long and is a crucial part of the new metro link. In order to make the tunnel, two large construction pits will be dug alongside the North Station, in the Aarschotstraat and the Vooruitgangstraat, to create an access hub. The pits will have a depth of 22 and 15 metres. 

Cédric Bossut of the construction company Beliris says that the creation of the tunnel will take 1,100 calender days. It involves a budget of 47 million euros. When the tunnel has been finished in 2024, this will be the end of phase 1 of the new metro line. In a later phase, the line will be extended to  Bordet, which will involve the construction of a much longer tunnel. 

Click on the video below to see how the works will be done:

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