Can hospitals still cope? Number of corona patients in Belgian hospitals reaches four-month high

Corona figures in Belgium are still going the wrong way, though the rise is less outspoken now. Belgian hospitals hope the situation can stabilise soon, as intensive care units are almost full. The number of beds occupied by corona patients in our hospitals is the highest in almost four months - the last time we had this number was on 10 December. 

254 new Covid-19 patients were being hospitalised each day on average between 25 and 31 March. This number  is 14 percent up on the week. Yesterday, 303 patients had to be taken to hospital, compared to 319 on Tuesday. 

There were 2,929 Covid-19 patients in Belgian hospitals according to the latest available figures (from last Tuesday), the highest number since 10 December. 755 (+17) are in intensive care units, 435 (+6) are on ventilators. Some 95 percent of all available IC beds are taken now, with experts warning that "choices will have to be made". The big Ghent University Hospital (UZ Gent) told the VRT that if a serious traffic accident happens, the new patients will have to be referred to a different hospital. 

The number of new cases has risen to 4,827 per day, a 15 percent rise on the week. Experts expect the figures to rise for a couple days more, after which the situation should stabilise. Numbers are expected to drop next week, when the effect of the latest new restrictions should be felt. 

In the meantime, 27 Covid patients pass away each day on average, and patients keep getting younger. At UZ Gent, the average age of Covid patients is 56 years now. "The new UK variant seems to make younger victims, and they are also staying longer in intensive care", experts said. 

We don't have place left if a serious traffic accident happens

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