The site of child killer Marc Dutroux’s to become a garden of remembrance

Almost 25 years since the arrest of the child killer Marc Dutroux the site of his house in Marcinelle, near Charleroi (Hainaut) is to become a garden of remembrance for his victims. There have been plans for a garden of remembrance at the site of the house in which Julie Lejeune and Melissa Russo died for some years. Now the city authorities say that the garden will be ready by the end of 2023.

The Mayor of Charleroi Paul Magnette (Francophone socialist) says that it will be “a garden between heaven and earth”. The garden will provide a lasting reminder of what happened inside the house that stood there. The City of Charleroi will demolish the house and two adjoining houses to construct the garden. The cellar of the house, where Julie and Mélissa died will not be demolished.

The house is a one of several houses owned by Marc Dutroux. Two young women from Limburg Province that were kidnapped by Marc Dutroux and his accomplice were also kept at the house before being taken to another one of Dutroux properties in Jumet, near Charleroi where they were killed. Sabine Dardenne (12) and Laetitia Delhez (14) were freed from the cellar after Marc Dutroux’s arrest. 

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