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Antwerp tram derails in the dead of night

At 4AM this morning a tram operated by De Lijn derailed in Deurne in Antwerp. The vehicle was not in service at the time and consequently had no members of the public on board.

The accident happened on a bend.  The tram ended up on the hard shoulder.  Tram services ground to a halt on this section as a result and road traffic too was disrupted.  The vehicle has now been towed away.  De Lijn is currently investigating what triggered the incident. 

Fortunately, nobody was injured.

Wouter Bruyns Antwerp police explains that at first Unimog vehicles were used to try and free the tram, but that failed.  The only other option was then to use a crane, but it took several hours before this device had been properly erected on the spot.

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