From Tuesday: put your name on the reserve list!

From 6 April everybody in Belgium who qualifies for vaccination against coronavirus will be able to register on a central list for reserve candidates.  People on the list will be contacted if any doses of the vaccine need to be used up urgently e.g. because of no-shows. The list has been introduced to avoid wasting valuable vaccines.

You will be able to indicate on which days or which parts of days you are available to attend a vaccination centre. 

The minute excess vaccines become available people on the list will be contacted at the last minute. 

Only people who belong to the group that is being vaccinated at the time will qualify.

Next week the central list of reserves will be used by two Flemish vaccination centres, those of Deinze (East Flanders) and Roeselare (West Flanders).  The list will gradually be rolled out across the country.  Centres that already possesses a reserve list of their own will be able to continue to use it.

Meanwhile over two million doses of the corona vaccines have been administered in Belgium.  1,472,477 people have had the first shot with 563,675 people getting both jabs. Vaccination started in Belgium on 28 December 2020. Three vaccines have been approved: Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna.  Supplies of the Janssen one-shot jab are expected in April.

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