Police again squirt youngsters out of Ter Kameren Wood

Police used watercannon for the second day in a row to clear revellers from the Ter Kameren Wood in Brussels last night.  On Friday evening only around a hundred youngsters gathered in the wood after thousands had massed to party on Thursday evening.

Revellers played cat and mouse with the police when the law again tried to clear the wood on Friday evening.  Two distinct groups seem to have gathered: people eager to run amok and a second group wanting to make a stand for our liberties. The atmosphere in the woodland was tense.  Police again used watercannon to clear the park and squirted every single reveller out of the green area. By 10PM calm had returned.  10 people were detained on charges of violating corona restrictions and disturbing the peace. One individual was arrested for hitting a police horse.

Thursday evening’s gathering soon descended into chaos when youngsters violating corona restrictions refused to leave the wood and police charged on horseback and used watercannon to clear the wood.  26 officers, 6 horses and 8 revellers were injured. 

The return to police barracks of two police horses without rider attracted a lot of attention on social media. 

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