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Riderless police horses return unaccompanied to base

Awesome pictures have emerged of two police horses, who returned to police barracks last night without their riders.  The horses were deployed during the clearing of Ter Kameren Wood in Brussels. 

The horses are seen galloping along roads in the Belgian and Flemish capital.  They are not daunted by the traffic and of their own accord find their way home to police barracks in Etterbeek.

Police officers jumped off the horses when the animals slipped during efforts to clear the wood. “Usually, horses that lose their rider carry on for a little and then come to a halt.  In this instance they simply returned to barracks.  The horses were all keyed up as a result of the grim atmosphere in the wood” says Benoit Van Houtte of the federal police.

Prof Gasthuys of the veterinary faculty of Ghent University: “Horses are a lot more intelligent than we assume, especially when they are well-trained like police horses.”

Benoit Van Houtte notes that the animals often exercise in the wood and know the way: “Instinctively, animals that end up in situations like last night’s will return to places that they are familiar with.

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