First fall in recorded new cases

For the first time during Belgium’s third wave of coronavirus infections the average number of recorded new cases has fallen.  The figure that takes account of infections over the past seven days dropped 1%. Other key indicators continue to rise.

On average in the week to 3 April 269 patients with Covid were hospitalised each day. The figure is up 13% on the week. Yesterday the rise was 19%.

On Friday 255 (-41 on the day) patients were hospitalised.  318 (-94) were discharged.

2,913 (-112) patients are currently in hospital with Covid.  822 (+20) are in intensive care.  The figure is up 21% on the week. 480 (+1) are on a ventilator.

In the week to 31 March on average 29 deaths a day were linked to Covid.  The figure is up 5.8% on the week. 

On average during the last seven-day observation period, the week to 31 March, 4,577 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed each day.  The figure is down 1% on the week. Yesterday the rise was 3%, the previous day it was up 11%.

On average 66,500 tests are carried out each day in the week to 31 March.  The figure is up 4% on the week. 7.8% of tests came back positive.

By 1 April 1,472,477 people in Belgium had received their first shot of the corona vaccine.  That’s 15.3% of the adult population. 563,675 people have had their second jab. 

Belgium’s R or Reproduction number stands at 1.09.  A hundred people with Covid pass it on to 109 others and the epidemic is widening.

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