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Scores of youngsters party on train in Covid-unsafe conditions

Pictures of partying youngsters on a train travelling from the Francophone university town of Louvain-La-Neuve (Walloon Brabant) to Brussels have emerged on social media. The youngsters, many of whom were not masked, were throwing a party during the journey.  Rail company NMBS called in Belgian railways police as train staff struggled to manage the dangerous situation.

The trouble started at Louvain-La-Neuve Station where hundreds of youngsters jumped onto the train with no thought of social distancing, while they sang and shouted.  The youngsters failed to calm down once the train set in motion.  Railways police intervened a first time at Ottignies Station (Walloon Brabant).  After an order of sorts had been restored the train sped off towards the Belgian and Flemish capital.

On our pictures the clearly bilingual youngsters can be heard shouting 'Where is that party?' in Dutch and 'We're going to trash the train' in French.

Arrived in Brussels the partying youngsters triggered a fresh police intervention.  When police arrived the youngsters ran off.

Nivelles prosecutors have launched an investigation.  Pictures of the youngsters are being examined with a view to identifying suspects.

Rail union OVS put pictures of the events on its Facebook page and with reference to the governments’ ‘window seats only’ rule on coast-bound services and asked “Can you guys please sit by the window? Conceived by a minister, our security staff have to enforce it.  Good luck to staff involved!”

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