Brussels buses drop French in Flanders

The Brussels local transport company MIVB is introducing a new system to ensure its dynamic signs on buses no longer show French in Flanders.  The system will take account of regional borders: in Brussels bilingual messages in Dutch and French will appear, but in accordance with language legislation Dutch only messages will appear when the bus crosses the border into Flanders proper.

The Flemish local transport company De Lijn that also has stops in the Belgian and Flemish capital and the national rail operator NMBS already use a system that delivers this result.  Flemish nationalist lawmaker Inez De Coninck took the matter up with Flemish mobility minister Peeters (liberal):

“It cannot possibly be the intention that buses drive about in Flanders with bilingual messages! What De Lijn and NMBS can do, the MIVB can do too. The Brussels local transport company has several stops in Flanders and at the minute the buses always display bilingual messages, even on Flemish soil” says Ms De Coninck.

“In 2011 the Language Supervision Committee ruled on the information MIVB provides at stops in Flanders.  It’s a good thing the company is now taking action to ensure monolingual messages aboard the buses too!”

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