Children deliver Bpost parcels “found in the middle of the road”

Three children from Dworp (Beersel – Flemish Brabant) found a whole collection of parcels that were being processed by Bpost but had gone astray.  The youngsters decided people waiting for their parcels could not be kept waiting any longer and they decided to deliver the parcels themselves.

While they were playing outdoors Edward (11) and brothers Arthur (12) and Louis (11) discovered four unopened cardboard boxes lying in the middle of the road.

“We thought it strange” says Arthur.  “We stopped to take a look.  There were four unopened parcels.  At first, we thought it was quite a find because it included a beatbox and a strip cartoon, but then we noticed the addresses and decided to deliver the packages ourselves. It didn’t seem right to keep them.  We wouldn’t have liked it if our parcels never arrived.”

All the destinations were in the neighbourhood.  People were so pleased we delivered their parcels.”

The lads are receiving a lot of gratitude from everybody, from the local mayor, Bpost as well as one of the companies that had dispatched one of the parcels that sent them a present (see below).

Thierry De Bruyne, the father of Arthur and Louis: “You see kids can learn things out of school too! If you find something, bring it back.  You will receive gratitude.  It’s a life lesson they learnt in everyday life!”

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