Facebook data from 3 million Belgians sloshing about on the internet

Data from over 3 million Belgian Facebook users has once again been offered on a hackers’ forum.  The data includes that of Flemish celebs as well as many top politicians.  Hackers first obtained the data in 2019 due to a Facebook software error.

The data of millions of Facebook users was offered for sale on the internet earlier this year.  Today the information is available to all free of charge.  Worldwide the data of 533 million users was hacked.

The data includes names, email addresses and other personal information that people share on Facebook, but also the phone number they used to register. Criminals can put all this information together and easily start phishing! Phishing involves tricking people to provide personal and bank account data by email or via the internet in order to defraud them.

Inti De Ceukelaire, a hacker who gets involved to identify weak spots in systems, says that as a result phishing can now become very personal: “Fraudsters can now impersonate your children!”

Trolling is also possible.  Virologist Marc Van Ranst, a man at the centre of the Covid storm, revealed that for two nights now he is being inundated by unwanted calls.

“They continue till 3AM.  They ask silly questions or tell me off or shout political slogans” says the academic.

Facebook has meanwhile repaired its software but all the hacked data is still sloshing about on the worldwide web.

“There’s not a lot you can do about it” says De Ceukelaire. “The data has been copied several times.  You should be vigilant and careful when responding to unexpected and anonymous calls.”

Websites do exist where you can check if your data has been leaked.

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