How do I register for the vaccination reserve list?

Starting Tuesday 6 April everybody in Belgium over 18 can register on the reserve list for coronavirus vaccinations.  The list will be used by vaccination centres eager to avoid waste.  People will be called up last minute to attend their vaccination centre as extra doses become available e.g. due to no shows.

Register on the website In order to register you will need to keep your Identification Number of the National Register handy in order to create an account.  You will find this on the reverse of your Belgian ID card.

You will be able to indicate on which days or which parts of days you are available and how you can be contacted, preferably by text. You will be able to modify this information if necessary.

You will only be invited at the moment that your priority or age group is being vaccinated. All adults can register from Tuesday, but most twenty somethings will have to wait a little longer than older people.

When you are invited you must respond within 30 minutes.  Otherwise your slot will be offered to somebody else.

It’s a good idea to register.  As supplies of the vaccines become more plentiful, more doses risk being wasted. After you have had your first shot, an appointment for your second jab will also be made if need be.

Some vaccination centres already use a reserve or waiting list of their own.  They will be able to continue to use these lists. The vaccination task group is confident the national reserve website will in time replace local initiatives that may differ slightly from place to place.

This week the national reserve list is already being used in Roeselare and Deinze. Vaccination centres in Brussels and Wallonia, where people are not bound to their local vaccination centre, are also using the list.

At present over 1.5 million people have been vaccinated.  Vaccinations in care homes are virtually complete.  Most hospital staff have been offered the jab too.  Vaccination efforts are now concentrated on first line health care workers, ambulatory care nurses, GPs and dentists as well as over 65s living at home.  This month the vaccination of patients in health risk groups who are under 65 will start.  The vaccination drive always commences with the oldest members of any group.

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