Record year for Recupel, but each family still owns 11 electronic devices which are no longer being used

Belgians brought a record amount of old household devices and appliances to Recupel recycling hubs last year: last year's figure of 123,840 tons edged the record 2019 figure with just 1.1 percent. This total amount also equals 10.8 kilos of electronic waste per Belgian.   

About 80 percent of the old devices is being recycled to make new materials, while 10 percent is being burnt to generate energy. Recupel CEO Eric Dewaet underlines that it is crucial to bring back your old, used devices, batteries or lamps to help the environment: "We need a lot of raw materials to manufacture new devices. Some of these raw materials are becoming increasingly scarce. If we bring back our used devices, we can recycle some of these materials instead of further increasing mining activities somewhere in the world."

While each Belgian brought almost 11 kilos to Recupel sites last year, there is still margin to improve. Recupel is calling on people to bring back small items like smartphones, hairdryers or MP3 players as much as possible. "Research has shown that an average Belgian family still possessed 11 old appliances which were no longer being used in 2019", says Dewaet. 

Each Belgian family has 11 devices which are no longer being used 

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