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Snow in April, while we had early summer last week: more to come on Wednesday

Showers of snow and hail will persist today and tomorrow as cold air is being imported from the north. Milder conditions are expected as from Thursday, but early spring is not on the cards yet. 

We are dealing with an invasion of cold air from the north, due to a high pressure area west of Scotland and low pressure ruling above Scandinavia. Showers of snow and hail remain possible today and tomorrow, although the west of the country should enjoy drier spells as from tomorrow. 

Temperatures will climb on Thursday, but will drop again in the weekend. While it was first announced we would drier weather then, this has now been updated as more wet and grey weather is expected. 

A  winter spell in April is not unusual, but it is remarkable that it comes not even one week after we had 24 degrees last Wednesday, bringing an early feeling of spring or even summer. February also had a bumpry ride, combining ice cold weather with all-time mild temperature records for several successive days.   

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