Vaccination reserve list is a staggering success: waiting times of several hours

It is possible to register on the corona vaccination reserve list as from today, and it seems like it is a big success. When we tried to register this morning, there were 186,000 people before us in the queue with waiting times of several hours. However, it is not certain that getting on the list will actually help you. Also bear in mind that Brussels residents can't register as the Brussels vaccination centres use a different system. 

You can register for the national reserve list on the QVAX website. If you get in and manage to register, you will have a chance of getting your jab a little bit earlier. When we visited the website around 10:30 a.m. there were 185,468 people before us waiting in the queue. When we tried a couple of minutes later, this number had climbed to 187,141. Around noon, this number had climbed to 230,000 and more. 

It is not sure though that vaccination centres will use this list as from next week. Each centre will decide autonomously after a trial period this week in which only the vaccination centres in Deinze and Roeselare participate. The system has been installed to make sure not a single dose is being wasted, but local vaccination hubs may find their own way to deal with this problem and compile their own reserve list - as many have already done. 

If they do take part, you need to know that you can only get priority within your age category, and only if there are vaccines left, e.g. when others don't show up. Professor Jan De Maeseneer of the 'Vaccination Taskforce' underlines that these numbers are small. Candidates should also be prepared to show up in a couple of hours' time, if they would be chosen for an early vaccination. 

Brussels residents can't use the QVAX system. The Brussels Region will be working with a separate system called Doctena, which will be installed as from mid-April. 

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