Antwerp 10 Miles goes virtual

The annual physical Antwerp 10 Miles race has been moved to October due to Covid, but organisers are keen to give runners an unforgettable experience as early as this April.  Flanders’ sizeable running community will be able to take part in a running event during the weekend of 24 and 25 April.  You will be able to run the 16km race wherever you like but thanks to a unique app you will be able to experience the sounds of the race as if you were doing the exact route.

You will be able to run the Antwerp 10 Miles in your own neighbourhood, far beyond the confines of Antwerp, but Thomas Huyberechts of co-organiser Golazo explains that for this virtual edition you will be able to go on an auditive tour on which you will hear everything that you would normally experience during the regular 10 Miles.

“Clapping, the noise made by thousands of supporters and live DJs, but everybody isn’t supposed to come to Antwerp’s Left Bank!”

You won’t have to run 16 kilometres either.  Shorter distances are possible on the virtual app too including a 6km ‘short run’.

The Ten Miles in October will include a special new route along the waters of the Galgenweel Lake for this latter event. Huyberechts concedes it’s unclear where we will all be with corona in October, but the organisers are looking forward to seeing everybody in person on 10 October.

Register for the virtual Antwerp 10 Miles here and get a goodie bag!


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