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Queue for vaccination reserve list evaporates

If Tuesday was a day of long waiting times to get on the national reserve list for corona vaccination, this morning, on the second day that the website is operating, people didn’t have to queue to sign up.

You can register for the reserve list in English by logging onto qvax.be. Registration will allow your vaccination centre to contact you last minute if there is any danger precious doses of the corona vaccine will be wasted e.g. due to no-shows.

On Tuesday, the day of the launch, the website was inundated and people eager to register on the list ended up in a queue with for many hours many thousands of people in front of them.  On social media some people complained about technical issues.

In actual fact, there is no reason to feel you need to rush at the minute.  Vaccination centres in Flanders using this national register are few and far between.  In addition, people will only be contacted last minute if their age or health group is up for vaccination.

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