Sale on 2nd hand website ends in wild chase across Antwerp

Pieter Doutreligne, a man from Antwerp, offered his mobile phone for sale on the second-hand website  Somebody immediately showed interest. “The man seemed quite reliable” says Pieter, “but he wanted to see the phone first.  When we met, things really got out of hand.  The would-be buyer turned out to be a thief.  He snatched the phone out of my hands and ran off”.

Pieter and the potential buyer had agreed to meet up at Pieter’s place.  They meet on the doorstep and Pieter agrees to follow the man with the phone to his car where his mother is waiting with the cash.  On the way to the vehicle the iPhone is snatched out of Pieter’s hands.  What follows is a chase reminiscent of the movies.

Fortunately, two young women on a moped rush to help Pieter: “They zigzagged through the traffic. It was so dangerous.  The girls stopped the thief, but he was able to pass on the iPhone to an accomplice, who headbutted me” explains Pieter.

The thief and his accomplice now board a tram, but the young women are able to warn the driver he has thieves aboard. The tram driver closes all the doors and alerts the police.  Within 30 seconds the vehicle is surrounded and the thieves are overpowered.  The accomplice is even found to be hiding a machete under his jumper!

All’s well that ends well, but it’s a no sale!

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