Truckdriver is hero of the hour in motorway smash

Truckdriver Rotger Haaijer of the tank transport company Wemmers is being hailed as a hero after he used his truck to block the E314 Motorway.  An accident had just happened on the motorway that runs from Leuven in Flemish Brabant to Aachen in Germany) via Maasmechelen (Limburg) in Belgium. A car crashed into a lorry that then started leaking.  The car carrying its driver and a toddler ended up on the central reservation of the motorway. 

Rotger, who saw the accident happen in front of his eyes, then decided to protect the driver, a father, and his toddler daughter, by placing his own truck across the motorway and stopping all the traffic.

“I had taken a load on board in Ghent and was heading for Germany when the accident happened in front of my eyes.  There was wreckage everywhere.  Everybody had to step on the brakes.  A 25-ton lorry doesn’t stop that quickly.  I ended up in the fast lane.  When I saw the man getting out of the car holding his daughter in a child seat, I decided to block the motorway.”

“When I saw the man with his child in the snow, I threw open the door of my cabin and told them to get in.  I was too late with my delivery in Germany, but I thought this was more important.  Truckdrivers don’t always have a good reputation, but with a truck we can often help out when there is an accident.”

Fortunately, father and child were unscathed.  “I drove them to the next exit where the driver’s parents were waiting” says Rotger.

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