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Corona latest: new cases down for 5th day in a row

Fewer new cases of coronavirus have been diagnosed, but over 900 patients are still being treated in intensive care.

On average in the week to 7 April 259 patients with Covid were hospitalised each day. The figure is up 2% on the week. Yesterday the rise was 4%.

On Wednesday 332 patients were hospitalised.  334 were discharged.

3,152 patients are currently in hospital with Covid.  The figure is up 7% on the week. 908 (+15) are in intensive care.  The figure is up 20% on the week. 505 (+8) are on a ventilator.

In the week to 4 April on average 37 deaths a day were linked to Covid.  The figure is up 37% on the week. 

On average during the last seven-day observation period, the week to 4 April, 4,244 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed each day.  The figure is down 12% on the week. It’s the fifth day in a row this figure is down.

908,212 people have now tested positive for coronavirus in Belgium.

On average 59,000 tests are carried out each day in the week to 3 April.  The figure is down 14% on the week. 8.1% of tests came back positive.

Belgium’s R or Reproduction number stands at 0.99.  A hundred people with Covid pass it on to 99 others and the epidemic is no longer widening.

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