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English Mother’s Day letter to dead mum washes up on Flemish beach

A Flemish beachcomber has just discovered a remarkable letter in a bottle on the beach at De Panne (West Flanders).  The letter washed ashore in an empty pill bottle and was written in English.  It’s a ‘Dear Mum’ letter and the woman, who found, it believes the letter was never supposed to be read.

The letter was written on 14 March, i.e. Mothering Sunday in the UK, and is addressed to the writer’s deceased mum. 

“Dear Mum” the letter goes “Another year has gone by without you, mum. Still miss you awfully.  It’s been a dreadful year through Covid…”

The woman, who wrote the letter, addresses her deceased mother and talks about what coronavirus has led to.  She explains she’s having a hard time not being able to cuddle anybody.

“The letter contains extremely personal things” says finder Isabelle “about the woman, her relatives and children.  They sound like things she would have wanted to tell her mum in full confidence.  She had an incredibly close bond with her mother.  I have qualms about reading the letter.  It wasn’t intended for me!”

The perfumed letter was found in a pill bottle with a couple of stones and a flower.

“I’m assuming the woman writes to her mum every Mothering Sunday and puts her letter in a bottle and throws it into the sea.  She probably added the stones to make it sink to the bottom for ever.  It must have been thrown into the water in England and washed up here three weeks later. It’s so moving” says Isabelle.

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