Belgian singer Angèle, hot in France, to play gorgeous movie character in "Asterix and Obelix"

25-year-old Brussels singer Angèle is conquering France. It now looks as if she could be heading for a film career as well, after having been asked to play the character of a beautiful girl in the new "Asterix and Obelix" movie. 

Angèle's career is taking major steps. In just three years' time, the Brussels artist became a very successful singer. After conquering Belgium, she conquered France. The symbol of a new generation, Angèle won several prizes, including the NRJ music award in Cannes, France. Her first album, "Brol", had over half a million sales. She cooperated with the British star Dua Lipa to make "Fever", which also became a monster hit. 

But it wasn't just music alone. Angèle made the most of her popularity and became one of the new faces of fashion brand Chanel. She also played the voice of a character in the cartoon movie "Toy Story 4", as well as playing a character in the French television series "La Flamme". 

Now, she can add the new French "Asterix and Obelix" film "The New Kingdom" to her list. She will play the character of Falbala, which is known as the best-looking character in the comic strip series. Some have already called her "the new Vanessa Paradis". 

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