Drop in hospitalisations confirmed, but more patients in critical care

Last week, fewer corona patients were taken to hospital, but the number of patients in critical care keeps mounting.  

Between 3 and 9 April, 250 Covid patients were admitted to hospital on average each day. This number is 9 percent down on the week. However, the latest day figure does not sound too promising as 275 new admissions were reported yesterday alone. 267 patients were allowed to return home. This brings the total number of corona patients in Belgian hospitals to 3,116. 

Meanwhile, the number Covid patients in critical care has reached 925 (+14). 523 of them (+8) are on ventilators. 

The number of fatalities is also up: 41 per day on average last week, a rise of almost 50 percent. The total number of Covid deaths has climbed to 23,390 now. 

The number of new cases last week stands at 3,594 each day, a quarter less than the week before that. However, the number of Covid tests also saw a 27 percent drop during this Easter week. 

The R-number has dropped below 1 to reach 0.96. This means that on average 100 Covid patients will pass on the disease to 96 other people, which means that the epidemic is shrinking.  

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