Leslie proudly shows a photo of the event.

Leslie White from Nieuwpoort met the late Prince Philip in Talbot House in the 60ies

Leslie White, the grandson of a British soldier who fought in the First World War, shook hands with Prince Pilip in the late sixties. Our colleagues of the regional radio station Radio 2 West-Vlaanderen met him to hear what he remembers about that moment: "He was a nice man."

Leslie White met Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Philip when they visited the Talbot House museum in Poperinge in the late sixties. 

Leslie's family belongs to a British community in West Flanders which comes together regularly, e.g. for official occasions or British holidays. This allowed him to attend an official visit of the British queen and her husband to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Talbot House. 

Leslie was still a teenager when he was able to shake hands with the Duke of Edinburgh. "I was standing at the front of the queue, so I was able to shake hands with him. Not with the queen, nobody was allowed to come close to her. Maybe they were afraid I would bite her", Leslie jokes. 

The visit left a big impression on him. "Philip was a very friendly man. It was all very simple. Because I didn't have to go to school that afternoon, it seemed like a big event to me. Yes, the prince left me with a good impression." Leslie stayed in Belgium later on, after meeting his future wife here. He now lives in the coastal municipality of Nieuwpoort. 

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