Planckendael welcomes black lemur baby in a first for the park

The Planckendael animal park 'ZOO Planckendael' was proud to announce a first this week: the birth of a black lemur. 

The species is native to Madagascar and a number of small islands in the vicinity, off the East-African coast. However, logging, poaching and illegal trade are posing a serious threat to black lemurs, which have been listed as an endangered species. ZOO Planckendael near Mechelen is one of the zoos that has engaged in a breeding programme, and it is the first time that this has been successful there. 

"Mother Kimmie en father Oreo have become parents for the first time and are protecting their cub very well," explains caretaker Stéphanie. Animal keepers can not yet tell whether it is a boy or a girl. This can normally be told from the fur colour: at present it looks as if it's a girl, but colours can still change until the cubs reach 8 weeks of age. 

Watch some footage in this official Planckendael YouTube video: 

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