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Coronavirus crisis and Brexit blamed for shortage of plants at garden centres

A survey of garden centres in Flemish Brabant has found that many of them are currently suffering from a shortage of flowers, trees and plants for sale to their green-fingered customers. The survey was carried out by the regional television channel ROB-tv. Radio 2 Flemish Brabant contacted a well-known garden centre in the Pajottenland area in the west of Flemish Brabant and was told that “Brexit and the coronavirus crisis are meaning that we’re having to wait longer for plants”. 

Maybe those of you with a garden have noticed this yourselves when out shopping for new plants, trees or shrubs: certain types are in very short supply or are subject to long delivery times.  Kathleen Billens of the De Wolf Garden Centre in Gooik blames the Brits “Amongst other things this is related to Brexit. Because the UK was leaving the EU, they (the British) placed very large orders to be on the safe side. This has made it very difficult to be able to get hold of certain plants. This is especially the case with trees and bushes. But there are also fewer herbs. We place are weekly order with a firm in The Netherlands, but often only receive half of what we have ordered because they are short-stocked”.

However, not only Brexit is to blame, but the coronavirus crisis has also played a role too.

"Last year the garden centres were closed for a time this left growers with a lot of surplus stock that they had to throw away. This year they were more cautious and so have less stock. Some growers have even stopped. In any case people are buying cut flowers less often as they aren’t able to go anywhere. It was only with Mothers’ Day that they did well”. 

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