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Police halt rave with 300 partygoers

Police in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw (Flemish Brabant) put a stop to rave party on Saturday night.  Some 300 people had gathered in violation of corona restrictions.  Revellers pelted the police with glass bottles.  Fortunately, no officers were injured.  Several people were hurt when they tried to escape via the roof of the hangar where the rave was being staged.

“It was around 4AM that an alert citizen contacted us” says Jeroen Beke Smets of the local police.  “He’d seen a lot of vehicles arrive and people getting out of taxis.  When a patrol attended the scene, they discovered a rave party in full progress with up to 300 people present.”

Local police requested reinforcements from the federal reserve as well as neighbouring police zones.  Revellers then started to hurl glass bottles at the police.  Several people were injured when they tried to escape via the roof of the hangar.  No police were hurt. 

“We were able to identify around a dozen people and charge sheets were issued” the police spokesman said.  “One individual has been identified as the person we believe organised the rave.  A music installation was seized.  We filmed as much as possible in order to identify other revellers.”

Police say most of those present were in their twenties and thirties.  They hailed from Brussels and beyond, even from abroad.

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