A third of Flemish vaccination centres using centralised QVAX vaccination reserve list system

Over a third of our region’s vaccination centres are using QVAX, a centralised system that allows people to sign up to a reserve list to be used in the event there being a surplus of coronavirus vaccines at a vaccination centre. Sometimes vaccination centres are left with surplus vaccines if people fail to turn up for their vaccination appointment. While one in three centres are using QVAX, the remaining two thirds of vaccination centres in our region have their own reserve list systems. They can join QVAX at a later date if they so wish. 

Currently 36 Flemish vaccination centres have signed up to the QVAX platform that was launched last week. These include the centres in Zaventem, Beersel, Asse and Dilbeek (Flemish Brabant), Antwerp and Sint-Denijs-Westrem, near Ghent (East Flanders). On the interactive map below, you can see which centres are using QVAX. They have green dots on the map. Centres not using the system have purple dots. 

The 10 vaccintation centres in Brussels and the vaccination centres in Wallonia currently have their own local reserve list systems.

When the system was launched last week there were IT issues caused by the sheer number of people wishing to sign up. In the event of any doses of vaccine being left over at a vaccination centre those on the reserve list will be called up on an oldest and most vulnerable first basis.  You will only be able to get a vaccination at your local vaccination centre. For example someone that lives in the Flemish Brabant municipality of Kraainem that is served by the vaccination centre in Zaventem will only be called up if there are spare vaccines at the Zaventem vaccination centre.

Anyone wishing to sign up to the QVAX vaccination reserve list can do so via this link.

If your local centre is not using the QVAX platform, you can contact them and asked to be put on the reserve list. 

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