Belgium’s 2,000,000th coronavirus vaccine shot administered today

Just three weeks since the 1,000,000th dose of coronavirus vaccine was administered in Belgium our country’s vaccination campaign has reached a new milestone. Sometime on Tuesday the 2,000,000th coronavirus vaccine shot will be administered. The announcement that the milestone of 2 million vaccines has been reached was made at Tuesday morning’s joint press conference given by the public health science institute Sciensano and the National Crisis Centre. 

Meanwhile, half a million people have registered via the QVAX platform to be put on the reserve list for a vaccine is there is a surplus at their local vaccination centre.

Gudrun Briat of the Vaccination Task Force told the press conference "This shows that a large number of people want to get vaccinated”.

Brussels is to set up its own system called Bruvax. First GPs will be able to register their patients that have underlying condition on the Bruvax platform. From 19 April everyone resident in the Brussels-Capital Region will be able to register with Bruvax.

Ms Briat told the press conference that "Only through vaccination will we be able to defeat the pandemic and get our freedom back. We still have a way to go before we will have reached a high proportion of the population that has been vaccinated. We will reach this if we all get vaccinated”.


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