Brussels launches mobile and GP vaccinations

Starting today people in the Brussels Region can register to get the corona vaccine jab at home.  From next week onwards four mobile vaccination teams will be out and about on the highways and byways of the Belgian and Flemish capital to administer the jab to people who have difficulty getting about. GPs too can administer the vaccine.

The mobile teams in Brussels will administer the Janssen (Johnson&Johnson) vaccine that only requires a single dose.

“We waited for this vaccine to become available before launching our mobile teams” explains Inge Neven of the Brussels health inspection.  “Only one dose needs to be given. We want to limit the number of people getting the jab via the mobile teams.  Home vaccination is time consuming and requires an effort from vaccinators, who can only treat six, seven, eight people a day.” In a vaccination centre they are able to treat twenty people an hour.”

Family doctors or GPs too can administer the vaccine, but they aren’t all equally enthusiastic about this.

Dr Tine Dusauchoit: “My duty is also to ensure regular care.  At the minute due to the pandemic a lot of people are facing mental and psychological issues.  If I’m asked to do a home vaccination, I will call on the services of ambulatory care nurses from the four mobile teams to treat patients who qualify.”

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