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First brewery in Schaarbeek in 60 years

For the first time in six decades the Brussels municipality of Schaarbeek boasts a brewery of its own. The brewery expects to market its first beer on 20 April.

It’s in the Rubensstraat in Schaarbeek that Joël Galy has established ‘La Mule’, a new Brussels brewery. Today all systems are go as Brewer Joël hopes to market his first beer next week:

“It will be a lager, a pilsner in the German style, sold in a can.  You may think that is an easy feat but it isn’t.  It’s a quality product, easy-to-drink and without ‘Chi-Chi’” explains Joël in a remarkable blend of English, French and Dutch.

The project started in 2020.

“We all thought the pandemic would be over in a couple of months, but, hey, we’re still in the thick of it! If hospitality isn’t allowed to reopen soon, I’ll be stuck with my pilsner in the German style.  I want to open a pavement café outside the brewery, so passers-by can test our production.  The terrace is big enough and ideally situated but for the minute it’s not allowed.”

Think of Kriek Lambic, the Belgian style of beer produced by fermenting Lambic with Morello cherries and you think of ‘Schaarbeekse krieken’, a rare Belgian morello variety associated with the Brussels borough.

“I’m not starting on that just yet” says Joël.  “Brewing Lambic based on geuze or kriek can easily take two to three years.  But I do want to give it a go if we survive the start-up period.”

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