Ghent university staffer funds addiction with cash from university account

A member of staff at Ghent University has just been convicted of stealing 100,000 euros to fund his alcohol and gambling addiction.  The monies were syphoned off from a dormant university account.  The worker has now been ordered to repay the embezzled cash, not to go down the pub and to stay off the booze. He also received a suspended custodial sentence.

The fraudster worked at the secretariat of the faculty of bio-engineering sciences.  The cash was syphoned off during a period of ten years starting in 2009.  The employee transferred the cash from the dormant account to his own.  He bore responsibility for invoicing and was the only individual with access to this account.

The fraudster’s lawyer argued that the worker had become a victim of his own alcohol and gambling addiction.  75,000 euros have meanwhile been repaid, while the embezzler is transferring a further 500 each month. 

Under the conditions of the suspended 18 month sentence the court meted out the worker must desist from alcohol consumption and get specialised treatment for his addiction.  The full amount of the money embezzled must be repaid too.

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