“No margin in hospitals”

Steven Van Gucht, head of viral diseases at Belgian health science institute Sciensano, says relaxing corona restrictions, while the third wave is at its height is a special achievement.  Prof Van Gucht points to Belgian critical care wards that are currently choc-a-block. 

“Discussing relaxations as the consultative committee is currently doing is pretty special” he says.

The virologist notes that today’s situation is different from that during the two previous peaks.  This, he says, offers prospects for the future. In coming months we will be able to count on vaccines that are covering our backs.

“Every week this back cover will become stronger.  We are borrowing from the future”.

Prof Van Gucht is no fan of relaxation dates and would prefer to see measures pegged to thresholds that take account of the number of infections, hospital bed occupancy levels and the vaccination drive. 

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